Free Fire Unban Date And Time In India (2024)

Free Fire Unban in India: Return Date and Time (Updated) 2024

Free Fire Unban Date And Time In India 2024
Free Fire Unban Date And Time In India 2024

Garena has officially announced Jan 26, 2024, as the Free Fire unban date in India. However, on September 4, the devs verified that their launch assignment had been laid over by many further weeks. As of this writing, Garena has yet to confirm the unban assignation of the game.

The inventors have verified that the game will be named Free Fire India, while the pre-registrations have been commenced on Google Play Store. The game has been published under Garena International III, unlike Free Fire and Free Fire MAX( published by Garena International I).

The announcement trailer for Free Fire India has verified that legendary Indian athletes like Sunil Chhetri, Leander Paes, Rahul Chaudhari, and Saina Nehwal will be the brand ministers of the game. At the same time, MS Dhoni has been roped in as the face of Free Fire India, and players will get to see a character based on him in the game. also, one can expect Free Fire India to retain all crucial gameplay features of Free Fire with minor tweaks.

For those ignorant, Free Conflagration was prohibited in India in February 2022 by the Government of India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology( MeitY). It was one of the 54 operations( substantially of Chinese origin) considered a trouble to the nation’s “ privacy and screen. ” Interestingly, Free Fire MAX remained unbanned and popular for Android users.

Ever since the mission on Free Fire, Garena has shifted its seat to Free Fire MAX in the Indian market, as the ultimate has lasted to garner the concentration of a formerly- massive user base.

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