best plane in gta 5 online 2024 | top 5 fastest planes in gta 2024

 Top 5 planes in GTA Online in 2024, ranked

aeroplanes can be used for a variety of reasons for GTA Online. Some operations bear destroying multiple targets across the chart and these can be near insolvable without an aircraft. Players may also fancy sharing in confrontations or just want to witness the mannas of flying in the game. also, some simply want a protean vehicle that can take you from one place to another in the fastest time possible while also having the capacity to defend itself.

top 5 fastest planes in gta
top 5 fastest planes in gta

This article takes all these factors into consideration presents a list of the stylish aircraft in GTA Online at the moment, and ranks them according to their usefulness.

Five best aircraft to buy in GTA Online in 2024

5) Mammoth Hydra

The Hydra was the first fighter spurt in the Grand Theft Bus series, introduced in GTA San Andreas as a VTOL aircraft. It returns in Grand Theft Bus Online in much lesser detail. It's extremely useful thanks to its VTOL capacity and is a great option for players who can not go the Raiju.

It comes with rockets and homing dumdums and also has countermeasures to defend itself. This is slightly neutralised by the fact that it can be destroyed with just two homing dumdums, as opposed to the Raiju's capability to survive three. The base price of the Hydra is $, but with a Trade Price of $, it's quite an affordable ultramodern spurt.

4) Western Company Rogue

The Rogue is one of the most unusual aeroplanes on this list. It's a single-machine turboprop aircraft, and yet, it's one of the fastest vehicles in GTA Online, being only beaten by the Raiju and the Pyro, with a top speed of219.5 mph( as tested by Broughy1322). It also comes with all the usual armaments in the further ultramodern aircraft, like machine ordnance( or indeed Explosive MG), homing dumdums, and indeed losers.

The stylish thing is that the Rogue only costs $, which can be reduced to$ by unleashing its Trade Price. Unlike the other aeroplanes on this list, it can seat two players.

3) Buckingham Pyro

utmost GTA Online players would agree that the Pyro is the most delightful to fly aircraft in the game. It's a small, largely protean spurt aeroplane equipped with machine ordnance and bullet racks that can take on some of the most advanced military aircraft. This is substantially due to its project, as in the hands of a professed airman, the Pyro is a force to be reckoned with.

The design is grounded on the de Havilland Vampire, a notorious British spurt. With a base price of$ and a Trade Price of$, players may suppose the Pyro is a bit precious. still, once they take to the skies with it, they'll realize it's a great investment.

2) B- 11 Strikeforce

The B- 11 Strikeforce is a heavily- weaponized aircraft that is extremely destructive and relatively delightful to fly. It's obviously grounded on the iconic A-10 Thunderbolt II, aka the" Warthog," which is made indeed more egregious by the sound of the machine and the main gun.

Coming to the armaments, this aircraft is equipped with nearly everything a vehicle like this can carry. It comes with an Explosive MG, homing dumdums, a Bullet shower option, as well as a lemon bay. It has no deficit of protective measures moreover. It can repel up to five homing dumdums and is equipped with Countermeasures.

The Strikeforce costs$, but it's well worth the price considering how effective it is in confrontations.

1) Mammoth F- 160 Raiju

The Raiju is really the stylish aircraft in GTA Online at the moment and is an absolute must-have- have for any player. It's the fastest vehicle in the game, with a maximum possible speed of 232.5 mph. In fact, it's so fast that it can overrun its own dumdums.

On top of this, it also comes with VTOL capabilities. Its small size, combined with the fast VTOL take-off, makes it incredibly protean. This, coupled with its insane top speed, makes the Raiju the stylish vehicle for travelling across the chart.

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